Wardrobe organisation: Tips & tricks

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Do you ever find yourself opening your wardrobe doors and feeling a sudden pang of stress? Do you have to force your doors shut? Do your clothes get lost amongst the clutter and disfunction of your wardrobe? I’m afraid it might be time to do some major culling and reorganising!


Start with paring down your clothing collection:

Create 3 piles of clothes:

Pile 1: My favourite clothes: These items fit me well, I wear them often, and they are still in good condition.

Pile 2: To be donated: Someone will love these clothes much more than I do.

Pile 3: The ‘I want to keep these clothes put don’t know why’ pile.

When dealing with ‘Pile 3’ ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have I worn it in the last 12-months?
  2. Do I enjoy the way it looks on me?
  3. Does it still fit?
  4. Is it damaged?
  5. If I saw it in a store now, would I buy it?

Remember – the key is to be ruthless. At the end of the day, they are just clothes and can always be replaced.


Use this opportunity, while all your clothes are out of your wardrobe, to vacuum/dust and clean your hanging space. Dry-clean or toss any items affected by mildew.

To avoid mildew outbreaks…

  • Ensure clothes are completely dry and clean before placing them back into your wardrobe.
  • Don’t pack clothes too tightly into your wardrobe – this can prevent air from circulating and can lead to mould and moisture issues.
  • Occasionally leave doors open to allow fresh air to ventilate through.
  • Occasionally air-out less-frequently worn items such as tuxedoes, party dresses and heavy coats.

To fold or to hang?

It is best to fold wool and knitted items as these fabrics are particularly prone to stretching on hangers. Easily-wrinkled fabrics such as linen and cotton and silk should always be hung to minimise ironing – this includes blouses, trousers, dresses, suits etc. If your drawer space permits, fold denim trousers and chinos, alternatively double trousers over a hanger.


Categorise your clothes:

Categorising your clothes not only makes finding what you want to wear easy, but it will make your wardrobe appear significantly more organised.

This is how I categories my clothes (from left to right):

Coats/Jackets –> Work Attire –> Dresses/Skirts –> Tops/Blouses –> Sweaters/Turtlenecks –> Jeans/Trousers.

I fold my shorts, t-shirts, knitted sweaters and gym clothes.


Hanging clothes:

Use proper hangers – give the  dry-cleaning hangers, and hangers you have somehow accumulated from Target the toss. Use broad, sturdy hangers for jackets and sweaters, satin covered hangers for delicates, and  double-over pants on smaller hangers. Fold sweats and old t-shirts – don’t let these ‘messy’ clothes clutter your precious hanging space.



Store high heels and boots in their original shoe boxes. This will protect these less-frequently worn shoes from dust, damage and mildew. Store frequently worn shoes such as sneakers, flip flops, etc. in shoe bags or shoe baskets at the bottom of your wardrobe.


Create good habits (and stick to them!)

  1. When putting away clean clothes adhere to the clothing catagories.
  2. Get rid of damaged/worn clothes or donate unused clothes as you come across them, don’t wait for them to accumulate.
  3. Acknowledge the sense of peace and accomplishment having an organised wardrobe brings to your life. Don’t let your standards slip!


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