‘Mi casa es su casa’: Guest room essentials for creating the perfect home away from home

As seen on Furniture.com’s blog ‘Pursuit of Home’

A thoughtfully prepared guest room will ensure your guests feel welcome and appreciated. You want your guests to feel at home, but also ‘away’ – achieve this by providing the essentials as well as some special touches.


Being a good host starts before your guests’ arrive. Clear excess clutter from the room, free up storage space and make up beds with fresh linen. Give the room a good ‘once over’ – dust, vacuum, clear cobwebs, etc. Check that light bulbs and remote control batteries are working and that clock times are correct.


Include a welcome note with helpful details about your home, including Wi-Fi password, instructions on using the television, family cell phone numbers, security codes, the home address, etc. A door lock will give your guests privacy and an added sense of security.


Keep the furniture to a minimum – a bed, nightstands and a small dresser is all you really need. Give your guests and their luggage space to spread out. A fold out luggage stand will provide a place for your guests to set aside their suitcases without having to add another piece of unnecessary furniture to the room.


If your guest room lacks an en suite or an adjacent bathroom, provide sets of towels in the bedroom, including face and hand towels. Welcome your guests with an assortment of soaps, shampoos, lotions etc. Ladies will also appreciate a hairdryer and a hair straightener.


Provide piles of pillows, an extra comforter during the winter months, throws for daytime naps, and a fan during the summer months. Stick to white or simple bedding to maintain a gender-neutral theme.


Hanging space (complete with hangers) and drawers are essential – especially if your guests plan on staying awhile! Hooks on the wall or back of the door are a great substitute if the room lacks a wardrobe. If space permits, create a temporary wardrobe with a clothing rack (like the one in the image below). Provide a laundry hamper and instructions on how to use the washer/dryer.


Your guests are likely to want time to themselves (as will you!) Provide some books, a deck of cards, board games, a television, and timely magazines/newspapers (no one wants yesterday’s news!) Pamphlets detailing nearby activities and attractions, bus/train schedules, and phone numbers for taxi/car services are thoughtful additions to your guest room.


Additional essentials include a reading lamp, an alarm clock, a landline phone, a wastebasket, a tissue box, pens and a writing pad. It is these small touches that can make a world of difference to your guests experience staying in your home.

Some fresh, non-scented flowers will add a special, homely touch to your guest room. Fresh cut blooms from the garden, or a simple store-bought arrangement will ensure your guests feel extra welcome in your home. Side note: Opt for unscented flowers to avoid any unfortunate allergy episodes.


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