Calm the craze of your laundry room with these helpful hacks

Although we may wish that we spent less time in the laundry, the truth is, unless we’re prepared to do a ‘major cull’ of our clothes, or go on a shopping-strike, doing the laundry will continue to be a part of daily life. However, there are ways to make the laundry-struggle a little easier, and dare I say it, ‘enjoyable’!

Don’t waste an inch of space

Many people are guilty of wasting the precious space that exists above their washers/dryers. Ward away clutter and unsightly cleaning products with cabinets, shelves and hanging rods.

Maximise indoor drying space

Anyone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere will agree that you can never have enough indoor drying space!

If you are stuck for wall/floor space, suspend a makeshift drying rack from the ceiling using a steel mattress base or a ladder. Spray paint your new drying rack to match your decor.

Side note: Ensure that whatever you decide to hang is not too heavy and that your ceiling is strong enough to safely hold it. It is probably worth consulting with a handyman to ensure the project is viable and done safely.

Alternatively, hanging traditional fold out drying racks from the wall is always a good idea – and why just hang one when you can hang four?!

Attach wheels to the bottom of hampers

Give your lower back a break by investing in laundry hampers with wheels. You can also easily attach wheels (available from craft and hardware stores) to your existing hampers, given they have a solid base.

Baskets, baskets and more baskets!

You can never have too many baskets/hampers in your laundry room. Label baskets for added ease in sorting. Categorise baskets as darks/lights/delicates, or by child.

Investing in a unit such as the one below does not just save you floor space and keep dirty laundry out of sight, the surface can also double as a folding/sorting station.

The ultimate ironing/folding station

Take a kitchen island bench, add an ironing board, and you have yourself a stylish and practical addition to your laundry! It can also conveniently double as a folding/sorting station. Add wheels for added manoeuvrability – particularly if you like watching television whilst you iron!

Clean, single and looking for a mate…

This idea is too cute to resist! You can purchase pre-made frames with pegs on or make your own – All you need is a frame, some pegs and superglue.


Wall hooks are essential in every laundry room (and especially for those that double as a back-entry way!) Hang everything from bags and coats, to the ironing board. Hooks are the perfect way to lift clutter off of the floor.


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