5 Things That Are Probably In Your Bedroom And Shouldn’t Be

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Transform your bedroom from a cluttered source of stress into a restful retreat!

Turning off the light amidst piles of dirty clothes, papers and books makes it harder for us to switch off our minds at bedtime, and let’s face it – there is nothing more welcoming at the end of a long day than a clean and tidy room.

These are 5 items that are probably in your bedroom and shouldn’t be!


1. Electronics

Televisions, tablets, telephones and laptops all emit blipping lights and sounds throughout the night. I use my phone as an alarm but always set it to plane-mode before I go to sleep. This way, text messages and Instagram/Twitter notifications don’t illuminate my room and disturb my quality of sleep during the night.


2. Pets

I’m a self-confessed, crazy-dog-lady, and I love having my dog in the house with me, but  my bedroom is absolutely off-limits. Pet saliva, fur and fleas have no place in and near your bed.  So keep the snuggling to the couch and let sleeping dogs lie… (outside the bedroom!)


3. Nicknacks

Keep the nicknacks to a minimum. Every item in your room should have a logical function and place; if they don’t, chances are they don’t belong it here. Unless the item holds a particular symbolic or monetary value, consider tossing it/giving it away.

Keep the items on your nightstand to a minimum: A (non-digital) clock, a book, and a lamp. That snow globe you bought on vacation doesn’t belong there, neither does your candle collection or the stack of magazines you insist on hoarding. 

Remember – Your bedroom is not a place to stash items that don’t have a designated spot in your home!


4. A desk

There should be a clear distinction between work and rest, and blurring this line can often lead to a loss of productivity in your work, and a loss of quality in your sleep.

If you are tight on space (like myself), and need to have your desk in your bedroom, opt for a desk that can easily pass for a dressing table (the simpler and narrower the better!) Accompany with a small, simple chair that tucks neatly underneath. Place your laptop and cords in a designated drawer when not in use. Keep items on the desk surface to a minimum – a vase of flowers, a lamp, or a couple of framed photos; this will allow it to transition seamlessly into dressing table/side table mode.

Below photo – The glass surface allows this desk to disappear into the room and not take away focus from the New York City view. The virtually empty surface, and the absence of electronics/cords ensures it doesn’t look like a work station 24/7. Allocate a drawer in your bedside table to accommodate work items/laptop etc. If possible, avoid purchasing a desk with office-style drawers to ensure aesthetic versatility.


5. Beauty and hygiene products

Beauty and hygiene products are cluttering are belong in the bathroom. If you lack cabinet space in your bathroom, stop the migration of bottles, tubes and sprays to the bedroom by investing in some storage caddy’s – they are cheap and make finding your products 100 x easier!


Final Tip 

Spend 5 minutes tidying up your bedroom before you go to sleep. Although most people would claim this is the last thing they feel like doing at the end of the day, I find it to be quite a relaxing ritual. It signals the end of the day and helps my body enter relaxation mode. Turn off your electronics, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, hang up clean clothes and put away stray items in drawers.


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