Add A Fashionable Flair To Your Home With Vintage Posters

Most of us probably haven’t considered decorating with posters since we fitted out our dorm rooms. However, vintage posters inject an element of culture and history into your home that regular framed art often can’t. An endless variety of vintage poster (replicas) exist online starting from just a few dollars.

Let the posters you choose for your home reflect your hobbies and interests. Vintage posters come in just about every variety you can think of – advertisements, travel, film , sport, fashion & beauty, etc.

Bigger Is Better

Particularly for posters with text on them, bigger is always better. Posters should be used to make a statement, not blend into the background.

Side note: ALWAYS frame your posters – remember, you’re not decorating your dorm room!

No Need To Hang Your Posters

Let the colors, text and intricacies in the poster do all the talking. Create a statement by leaning an oversized vintage poster against a wall. Use a simple black or white frame and avoid cluttering the area around the poster. The striking contrast of the pink in the Audrey Hepburn ‘Funny Face’ poster and the pale blue wall it leans against creates a dramatic, gallery-like effect in this living room.

Alternatively, place framed posters on a picture rail. The variety of colors and styles in the posters seen below add an eclectic flair to this bedroom. The simplicity of the frames also avoids overwhelming the space.

Vintage Travel Posters

Frame vintage travel posters to reflect your worldly travels (or your travel bucket list!) Create a gallery wall affect by hanging frames of various sizes. Note how the overall theme remains consistent throughout the posters.

Get Creative!

Give an old desk or table a vintage makeover! Vintage-style postcards and calendars are the perfect size for collaging and can be found easily and cheaply online. Framing studios will cut glass to size to fit over the top of your eclectic collage. Discuss your intentions with a framing professional and they will advise on appropriate kind of glass for your project.

Bathroom & Laundry

Traditional framed art can often look out of place in the bathroom and  laundry. Framed posters offer a more relaxed alternative. This oversized vintage poster by Bernard Villemont adds vibrancy and creates a comical focal point in this otherwise modest bathroom. Continue the yellow theme in the form of hand towels, candles, flowers etc.


It’s as if French marketing companies in the 1950’s knew their advertisements would one day be hung in our kitchens! Use vintage food and restaurant advertisements to add a fashionable focal point in your kitchen. The RITA Waffles poster below adds a splash of color and an element of softness in this monochromatic kitchen.

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