How To Create The Perfect Gallery Wall

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Do your research and get inspired

Putting together a quality gallery wall will take time, planning and effort. It is important to do your research – look on Instagram, Pinterest, or for stylistic inspiration. Also consider what the purpose of your gallery wall will be – is it to display family photographs? Memorabilia? Artwork? Or an eclectic combination of both? Consider where you live – are you near the beach? The mountains? Does your city have historical significance? Use your surroundings as a muse for your gallery!

Finding the right space

The size and scale of the wall you decide to use should affect the type and size of the frames you choose. Is it a staircase wall? Will the gallery be centered above a piece of furniture? What sources of light are you dealing with? These factors, as well as the rooms existing decor should also play a part in your decision making. Staircase walls are generally awkward to decorate – the narrower the staircase, the smaller the frames should be if you actually want to see them properly! Consider how well lit your display will be – if the wall lacks adequate lighting, consider installing a wall mounted light to show off your beautiful new display!

Decide on a theme

There should be some degree of coherence within your gallery – whether it is the frames you choose, an overall theme (e.g. nautical), a colour scheme or the sizes of the prints – the most successful gallery walls are the ones that look coordinated, and not thoughtlessly thrown together.


Don’t stop at photos and artwork!

Traditionally gallery walls are used to display photography and artwork in a similar configuration to how they are arranged in professional galleries (hence the name). However, they can be used to display pretty much anything that takes your fancy!

Create a stylish display of different sized mirrors – this is particularly effective in a small space such as a staircase wall.

Frame designer shopping bags, scarves or vintage clothing to give your room a fashionable flair.

Positive affirmation art, sketches and maps can also create a meaningfully stylish display.

Create unity between your images with a monochromatic black and white theme.

And my personal favourite, vintage posters!
The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photographer

Configuring your wall

Now we’ve reached the tricky part. Before you get carried away and start drilling holes in walls, lay out everything on a table or the floor and play with the configuration. Work out what order everything will be placed in and the spacing between pieces. Come up with a general ‘spacing rule’ (e.g. 3 inches, 1 ft etc.) to ensure that the spaces between frames remain consistent. Mark up your measurements on your chosen wall using a spirit level and a faint pencil (you can use an eraser to get rid of the lines once you’ve hammered the nails into place.) Start with hanging the centre piece first (it will be harder to shift this later) and gradually work your way out.

And there you have it! Gallery walls are an innovative, fun and relatively cheap way to personalise your home and give it a stylish flair worthy of a professional gallery!


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  1. Love these gallery wall tips and gorgeous examples. SO many options!


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