Shuk, North Bondi


Open – Daily 6.00am-17.00pm (dinner Friday-Saturday from 6.00pm.)

2 Mitchell Street, North Bondi, New South Wales

Shuk Exterior

Housed in what was once a corner-store on a flat suburban street in North Bondi, lies Shuk, an Israeli-marketplace inspired cafe. You can’t help but feel transported back to a 1970s suburban streetscape whilst sitting here in the Saturday morning sun. There is a distinct relaxed/vintage vibe about this place that made eating here all the more enjoyable.

The cafe has everything you would expect at a modern Bondi eatery – juice in jars and food served on iron skillets and wooden chopping boards, but there is a distinct nod to its corner-store past, as the establishment also boasts an expansive range of fresh bakery and deli goods – all made on site.

The eclectic menu pays homage to its Israeli roots offering a bountiful selection of Middle Eastern dishes while also offering a variety of modern Australian favourites.

“The food we offer is inspired by what we grew up with in Israel, where the cuisine available is one of the largest melting pots on the planet, with food coming from a variety of cultures that migrated to the country from 130 different countries in the past 50 years. The menu is directly influenced by Arabic, Turkish, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.” – Co-owner, Yoni Kalfus.

What We Ate

Israeli Breakfast

2 x 60/60 eggs, Israeli salad, halloumi  olives, labn’e, butter, house jam, avocado & yoghurt w/granola, served with a side of sourdough toast.

Israeli Breakfast

Spicy Slow Cooked Beans

Beans, slow cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, baked eggs, fetta & herbs served with with a side of sourdough toast. 

Spicy Slow Cooked Beans

The Cured

House cured salmon, 60/60 egg, 5 spice roasted pumpkin, rocket, spinach, dill sour cream and slithered almond.

The Cured

Accompanied by what else, but a soy milk cappuccino! And a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Soy Milk Cappuccino

Visit Shuk: Website – Instagram – Facebook

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