Make An Entrance! How To Create A Gorgeous Entryway

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For such a small space, the entryway has pretty big boots to fill. It has to be practical and personable (plus, you’ll want it to be aesthetically pleasing). Follow these tips for creating the ultimate entryway.


An entryway is a hub for coming and going and, more often than not, becomes a disorganized dumping ground for coats, mail, and shopping bags. Ward away clutter with hooks for coats and hats, baskets for shoes and benches for heavy bags. Consider the kind of foot-traffic your entryway will endure – for families with lots of muddy feet and paws opt for stone, tiles, or hardwood. Hang a mirror. This will not only make the room feel bigger but it also allows for a last minute glance before you step out the door!

american entryway

Tip: If you don’t like shoes being worn in your house and feel uncomfortable asking guests to take them off, set the example by providing a basket of shoes by the door – they will get the hint!


Create an intimate and welcoming tone for your home with family photographs and memorabilia. This will create a sense of comfort and familiarity for guests. A gallery wall of photos is a stylish way to display family memories.
Don’t be afraid to be bold! Incorporate bold colors and patterns in the form of wallpaper, rugs and artwork. Intricate tiles, an oversized lamp, or an abstract piece of art will add a stylish flair to the space. Pick a piece that represents and flows with the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

gallery wall entry hall


Try and keep this space as open and flowing as possible. It is ultimately a room that serves no other purpose than to be practical. It is not a living space – so keep the furniture to a minimum. Even in large foyers – let the grandeur of the space speak for itself.

coach house home entry hall


Make your entryway feel as large and refreshing as possible with bright, light wall colors. Create a subtle backdrop for artwork and other feature items with white, pastel, or pale grey walls. Additionally, try to incorporate as much natural light as possible.

scandinavian entry hall


If you only have a narrow hallway to work with then don’t try and jam in large pieces of furniture or overwhelm the space with extravagant artwork. Respect the size of the space. Wall shelves or suspended shelves are a storage solution that will ensure the space remains both functional and organized.

louis vuitton entry

I hope this post has inspired you to create a stunning entryway that wows your guests as soon as they walk in!

I do not own nor lay claim to any of the above images – all have been sourced from their respective websites.

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