Athens, June 2014

Where To Stay…

Athens is a beautiful, ancient city that is definitely worth visiting at least once in your life. It is smaller than you would guess and all of the monuments and ancient sites are fairly close together. Stay within close proximity to one of the bus lines if your keen on doing some sightseeing, otherwise the port is only a short train trip away and will provide you with some cool relief from the hot, desert heat of the main city.

Side note: If you’re visiting Athens in June/July, prepare yourself for a hot, dry heat like no other. We had only 2 days in Athen’s and they were both absolute scorchers (especially when you’re trekking up the Acropolis!)

What To Do…

Sightseeing; and I honestly don’t think you need more than two days here either. We saw everything we wanted to on the red and blue sightseeing buses that run regularly throughout the city. Buy yourself a ticket (~ 30 euro) , and use it sporatically over a couple of days.

What To Eat…

As with everywhere in Greece, Seafood; especially the fresh, local octopus! Gelato is also a winner here (especially with the heat!).

IMG_6797 IMG_6803 IMG_6818 IMG_6819 IMG_6820 IMG_6832 IMG_6833 IMG_6841

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