How To Maximise Space In A Studio Apartment

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Studio apartments cop a pretty bad rap. Often associated with being ‘cheap urban rental spaces’, studios are typically overlooked when it comes to interior sophistication.

There are common issues associated with living in a studio apartment: Storage, scale, and of course there is the ‘bed in the living room’ issue to contend with. Creating co-ordination, organisation and privacy in any home can be be a challenge, however studios have the added difficulty of having to do it all without a room to spare!

small apartment

Here are some tips to help you create your own urban oasis anyone would sacrifice square footage for!

It is important to ‘carve out’ specific areas for entertaining, living and sleeping. It is worth sacrificing some of your ‘sleeping area’ to increase the size of your ‘living and entertaining area’. Divide your entertaining/living and sleeping areas with an open backed bookshelf. This provides a degree of privacy without overcrowding or overshadowing. It is also functional!

open backed slaving

Invest in core pieces of furniture that serve multiple functions. This will avoid cluttering and overcrowding the limited space you have to work with. E.g. Invest in coffee/side tables that can also be pulled out to double as stools, or a desk that can also be pulled out as a dining table for guests. 

flat table desk

Coordinating furniture is your best option when it comes to furnishing a small space. The ‘eclectic’ look works well if it’s intentional, however if pieces aren’t purposefully picked, it can come off as a tacky, disorganised mess. My advice is to stick to one style e.g. mid-century modern, Scandinavian, modern-minimalist.

Avoid any extravagant pieces (e.g. an overly decorative bed frame or a huge leather couch) that can dominate and overwhelm the room. Stick to a basic couch and bed frame and personalise your space with colourful accessories. In addition to this also consider the scale of your furniture. You only have a very limited space to work with so choose your pieces wisely. Very large pieces can cause the apartment to feel small and disproportionate.

best studio

Most importantly – get and stay organised! Small spaces can easily get out of control!

Some Additional Tips And Tricks

  • Wall-mounted shelving above your bed is a great way to compensate for a bedside table and bookshelf. Square footage isn’t limited to floor space in studios!
  • Use mirrors – and lots of them! It will give you and your guests the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. 
  • Colour and textually co-ordinate as much as possible. This will help the apartment to appear organised and sophisticated.
  • Invest in a fold down table that can be slid behind the couch. It can double as a shelf and as a larger dining table for guests.

shelf behind couch best


I do not own nor lay claim to any of the above images – all have been sourced from various Pinterest accounts. 


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