When To Splurge: Core Household Items That Are Worth Every Last Cent

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Invest In A Really Good Quality Couch

grey couch

Having a beautiful, well-made couch changes the entire ambiance of your living room. It is a frequently used item, whose investment will reward you in the long term.

I personally am not a fan of leather couches. They feel really cold in winter, really hot in summer and the leather wears easily if not regularly tended to. I would always opt for a fabric couch.

The fabric of an upholstered piece of furniture is the most obvious sign of its quality. The higher the thread count, the less likely it is to wear, and the more resistant it is to stains. When looking to purchase a fabric couch opt for cotton or wool. These durable materials are family friendly and suitable for everyday use. Avoid really dark colours (as they easily fade), and really pale colours (as they easily stain). Grey or mid-brown is often the best compromise, complimenting a variety of interior styles.

love the process couch

A Good Mattress And Quality Manchester Make A World Of Difference

mattress bed

We spend roughly 30% of our life in our beds so it makes sense to spend a little extra in the sleep department – plus your back muscles and long term health will thank you later. I’m not saying go out and spend $5000 on a bespoke, specially formulated, posture-pedic mattress, just don’t go for the cheap, foam mattresses.

In terms of bedding, there is nothing better after a long day, than sliding into a bed laden with good quality sheets. The general rule of thumb is the higher the thread count, the better the durability – and trust me, you will never go back after a night in European woven, Egyptian cotton sheets. When looking to purchase a new sheet set – 200 count is fine, 400 count is much softer, and anything higher than that that brings with it a hefty price tag.

Note: Do not be conned into believing that you are purchasing a 1000 thread count sheets – this is mathematically impossible as thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. Manufacturers will sometimes use creative math to boost thread count. 

jcm pillow

Good Quality Paint Is Fundamentally Important

wall colour

Good quality paint provides a more even coverage, a richer colour and is less likely to fade, peel or crack. I recommend Dulux or Taubmans. They are more expensive at the register, but their long term durability will certainly pay off.

It’s all about the preparation. There is no point in using good quality paint on poorly prepared walls. Ensure all walls have been properly plastered, sanded and sealed before applying any paint to them.

Tip: The day will come when you have to touch up or colour match your paint job. After the initial paint job, keep an extra quart of your chosen colour to save you a lot of hassle later on.

Invest In A Functional And Well Built Wardrobe 

built in wardrobe

The importance of a functional and well-built wardrobe can be summed up in three words – storage, storage and storage. If you live in a studio or an apartment a well built wardrobe can be the difference between a Vogue-ready, functional living space, and a post-Apocalypic war zone. Custom built-ins are incredibly expensive but are a worthwhile investment as they add considerably to the functionality and value of your home.

Invest In A Beautiful Crockery Set To Impress Your Guests

crockery olive leaf

What is the point in spending a tonne of money on a beautiful table, when you have cheap and nasty crockery to match it with? Do yourself a favour, and buy a simple table, throw a tablecloth over it, and pair it with a beautiful dining set. Your guests will be much more impressed and it adds greatly to your dining experience. In terms of colour, opt for classic white or cream, also pale yellow, blue and green have proven to be the most appetising colours. Avoid dark colours like black, red, navy etc.

Note: Probably not a good idea if you have children who are prone to breaking things.  

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I do not own nor lay claim to any of the above images – all have been sourced from various Pinterest accounts. 

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