Incorporate Some Zen Into Your Life. How To De-Clutter Your Home And Mind

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One of life’s most simple pleasures that gives me the greatest sense of peace – is a clean and organised home. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning, already dreading the prospect of a long day of work or study, and facing a home filled with mess, clutter and chaos. It is like a very small (but a very real) whack to the side of the head.

Countless studies prove that there is a profound correlation between a cluttered home and a cluttered mind, and similarly, a tidy room and a tidy mind. Here are some tips on how to incorporate some organisation in your home to lessen stress and improve your productivity.

walk in wardrobe

Tackle The Task Of De-Cluttering In Small Chunks

Set aside 15-30 minutes or a morning to clean and organise a small part of your home – your desk, your ‘junk’ draw, your wardrobe etc. Trying to de-clutter your entire home (or even a whole room for that matter) is a monstrous task and your inability to finish properly will only leave you feeling disheartened and more stressed.


 Be Merciless And Make Quick Decisions

Aside from a few special items, I’m pretty merciless when it comes to throwing away clothes and other items, probably due to the fact that I love to shop and replace old items with new. If however, you tend to be a bit of a pack-rat, you need to try and adopt a more merciless attitude towards your belongings in order to successfully de-clutter your home. Throw out anything that you haven’t used for an extended period of time or if it is non-salvagable. Give away usable items to charity.

Give yourself the ultimatum of ‘definitely keep’ vs. ‘definitely throw away’ vs. ‘donate to charity’. Make snap decisions and stick to them. If the item turns out to be important later (which it almost never does) you will always find a way to obtain it, or something similar again.

Celebrate When Your Done!

Celebrate your clean and organised space, recognise and remember the ease it brings to your life, and try to commit to maintaining it. Breathe in its simplicity and recognise the sense of peace it brings to your mind!


I do not own nor lay claim to any of the above images – they have all been sourced from various Pinterest accounts.

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