Baby On The Way? How To Create The Perfect Room For Your Newest Addition

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blue nursury

Expectant parents: It’s time to ditch the traditional tropes of nurseries (sorry, bows and duckies) and create a space that invites imagination, relaxation and moreover, allows your little one to grow over the coming years.

Colour Opt for a neutral wall colour – Creamy whites, pale greys or cool blues are gender neutral colours that promote light, airiness and relaxation. Dress up the room with colourful artwork and accessories to add some pops of colour.

natural nursury

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This is an absolute pet hate of mine. Kiddy-sized furniture has zero design appeal and is totally impractical. This room will be your ‘child’s bedroom’ for much, much longer than it is your ‘baby’s nursery’ – so save yourself the stress, time and expense and create a space that your future child will enjoy and that can be easily adapted to make it their own. Design your nursery complete with a single bed (if space permits). This will make the transition from crib to bed a lot easier and also provides a place for you to sleep for when you feel like being close to your baby. When looking to purchase a bed opt for one with a simple frame and plenty of under-bed storage.

Tip: If you are worried about your small child falling out of the bed during the night – simply place a foam pool noodle under the fitted sheet, along the edge of the mattress to create a soft barrier.  

single bed nursury

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Place a large rug or carpet over the original floor surface to keep it clean and protected. Use fluffy high-pile rugs to make the room baby friendly and simply replace with a more durable carpet when they are ready to start causing a ruckus!

persian rug nursury

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Are a must! Whether you elect to use permanent fixture shelves or a bookcase, they help to keep the madness of toys and books in check. Display the nicest items on chic shelving and hide the messy, unruly items in storage boxes under the bed. Discuss with your child that when the storage boxes become full, it might be time to consider throwing some toys away or donating some to charity.

shelves nursury

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