How To Recreate Scandinavian Style In Your Own Home

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Scandinavian design is all about light, functionality and balance. Think – white washed floorboards, walls, and ceilings, radiated with natural light, the ample use of wood, minimalism and functionality. The Scandinavian design movement emerged out of the Nordic region during the 1950s and since has caused a huge sensation worldwide.

scandi open plan


All truly Scandinavian interiors will have light, wooden flooring in all rooms (except bathrooms). These large expanses of pale floor boards are often broken up with small fur, wool or animal hide carpets.

kids scandi bedroom


Whites, neutrals, cool-grey, blue, often with discrete splashes of reds, greens or pinks.


Scandi-style can essentially be thought of as ‘organic modernism’. Nature is a huge source of inspiration for Scandinavian style and hence the use of wood is the defining feature of many Scandi-design homes (and don’t be afraid to show it!!) – specifically pine and oak. In addition to this furs, linens, leather, wool, granite, and the use of natural light.


Two words – clean lines. Try to incorporate as much symmetry and clarity in your rooms as possible.

scandi living room


Open-plan, highly functional with minimal clutter. Warm, homely, light, family oriented and very liveable.

scandinavian nursury


Triple-glazing, organic insulation, honestly sourced materials, recycled items, the use of indoor plants.

Scale Back On Accessories

Minimal ornamentation. Any true Scandinavian would shudder at the sight of an English Victorian interior. To achieve a truly Scandi-feel in your home – de-clutter. Only display the bare minimum – remember, functionality is key.

scandi dining

Natural Light

All rooms should be bright, light and inviting. Large, white, pane-less windows. Avoid the use of blinds and shutters – instead invest in neutral/grey coloured linen curtains that can be drawn back to let the light in.

scandi bedroom


I do not own nor lay claim to any of these images, they have all been sourced from various Pinterest accounts.

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